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Rick and Morty Wormageddon Global Launch

Rick and Morty is arguably the most prominent property on Adult Swim, and the adult animation series has been a hit worldwide since its inception on the 2nd of December 2013. 10 years later, the show has amassed a cult following that is dedicated to exploring the various aspects of the Rick and Morty universe.

With the release day of September 4th fast approaching, the Rick and Morty promotional effort is in full effect. Adult Swim has launched a worldwide launch campaign and they have placed various life-sized Nimbus’ across the world, along with a short clue as to what to look out for when you find Nimbus. Check out the video below to see the lucky treasure hunters from Brazil.

The King of The Ocean is making an appearance in Cape Town Muizenburg, and as a Rick and Morty fan, I am beyond ecstatic to see that we are included in the Worldwide launch of Rick and Morty. There are still more details that are to be released around the Warmageddon landing site, so stayed tuned to our platform for updates.

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