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Rising Nigerian Artist FAVE Drops “In Love” Single

Fave is among the creme of the crop when it comes to Afro R&B, and her latest EP, BABY RIDDIM 5, has only increased her rising stock in the game. Fave’s calling card is her ability to create songs with anthem quality because of her blessed vocal abilities. She linked up with fellow rising Nigerian stars Ajebo Hustlers to release a smooth love song titled “In Love”. The song opens with FAVE’s soothing harmonies before the production expands into a heart pulling climax. This sets the stage for the Ajebo Hustlers to deliver a balance to FAVE’s singing through digestible verses. The chorus by FAVE acts as the glue for the song, breaking up the Ajebo Hustlers verses. Fittingly, the song closes off with FAVE’s harmonic melodies, supported by ambient chords. Listen to “In Love” below.

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