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SA Hip Hop & Insanidy

Insanidy is a streetwear brand that is making quite the mark on the local streetwear scene due to its presence in music. The brand has been worn by Hip Hop heavyweights like YoungstaCPT, Flvme and Blxckie but what impresses me most is their grassroots approach to growing their presence. 

source: insanidy instagram

Fashion is intertwined with culture. It represents expression in visual form. It is seen more than it is felt. It guides how people interact with you. Perhaps clothing is the most critical aspect of defining an image. That is where Insanidy fits into the image. The brand goes beyond gifting artists with clothes in an attempt to gain promotion. They have, on more than one occasion, designed items that have a level of personalisation. 

031Choppa has been pictured sporting a custom jacket that bears his name. The item immediately caught my eye in the promotional images for 031Choppa’s Shake Azul  EP. 

photography credits: @unclesmith

The Big Hash’s Aries: A Precursor to Heartbreak Hotel was a highly anticipated drop following the conclusion of his legal matter with his former label. He came out with a pink jacket to promote his mixtape. Written on the back, is the Aries name alongside the Aries constellation. 

The ecosystem around music is just as important as the music itself. Moments are captured and immortalised in physical, tangible objects. In an era where almost every facet of life has gone digital, it’s beautiful to see brands like Insanidy. 

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