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‘SALON AFRIQUE’ – A Homecoming Reimagined at District Six Museum Homecoming Centre

The pan-African group exhibition ‘Salon Afrique, A Homecoming Reimagined’ is a visual homage to contemporary voices in visual art from the African continent. Curated across three levels as the focal cultural intervention and exhibition at Cape Town’s newly launched Homecoming Centre in District Six, the show celebrates belonging and interrogates notions of space and time, home and belonging while warmly embracing diverse identities from across Africa under one roof.

The expansive new museum space in Cape Town, South Africa is a uniquely conceived cultural precinct from District Six Museum and it includes room for performance art in the two theatres, exhibition and cultural exchange spaces and artists in residence at the HCC – Homecoming Centre. The area and legendary District Six Museum, are landmarks of South African history and exist as a powerful reminder of the need for cultural diversity, belonging and the right to coexist as peoples of African descent.

The museum – as the exhibition ‘Salon Afrique’ depicts – upholds and interrogates memory and resistance, placemaking and access to art and culture and was founded in 1994 the year South Africa held its first democratic elections after Apartheid. This engaging exhibition unites over 30 visual artists across disciplines in an exploration of new ways to imagine and talk about belonging and acceptance in contemporary culture for Africans from all cultural persuasions through the sharing of visual art, cultural identities and heritage.

This landmark exhibition launches the museum’s new HCC cultural centre in the city, a place of convergence for all Africans, in South Africa. The exhibition is the realisation of a narrative conceived by curators Beathur Mgoza Baker of Madlozi Contemporary art gallery, and Sara Bint Moneer Khan of Mashurah Arts.

The group exhibition started on the 7th of July and it ends on the 7th of August 2022 at District Six Museum, Homecoming Centre, Cape Town, ZA. Monday–Friday, 10am–4pm, Saturday, 10am–2pm and Sunday, it’s closed.

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