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Sauwcy Brings A New Vibe On “Ride My Wave” Single

Sauwcy has been quiet for some time and fans of her music have been wondering what is going on. Thankfully, she expressed that she has been absent from the scene because she has been working on her full debut offering, ‘Welcome To The Sauwce Pot’.

Last week Friday she delivered the first single titled “Ride My Wave” featuring Rowlene. The song sees Sauwcy show us a different sound to what we have become accustomed to, which is a welcomed change.

“Ride My Wave” is easily one of the smoothest songs I have heard in a minute and boast high replay value. The replay value is due to Sauwcy’s approach to the single. In contrast to her previous efforts, she opted for a more melodic approach to the song. There are times in music where less is more and the production for “Ride My Wave” is one such moment. Listen to “Ride My Wave” below.

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