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SELFI Bringing The Comfort In Luxury

SELFI is a ready-to-wear clothing company based in Cape Town that was established in 2009 by Celeste Lee Arendse with modern women in mind that specialise in making customised, ethically sound clothing and accessories. The name SELFI, which derives from the word “self,” was chosen with the intention of conjuring images of self-empowerment, self-care, and well-being. With the creation of each collection, they place a strong emphasis on incorporating elements of South African culture and identity with a consistent undertone that supports sustainability and wellness. Their clothing looks soft, they give off a comfortable and luxurious vibe for any occasion.

SELFI strives to incorporate fabrics that are kinder to the environment. I have taken note of how the fashion industry produces a lot of waste season after season, where they dispose of mock trials, samples and fabrics that are no longer needed by design houses, SELFI tackles the issue of waste. Every season they donate all their mock trials and samples to children in Woodstock, Cape Town and Emmanuel Children day care centre in Atlantis. Where their donated textiles get repurposed and used for skill development through craft and sewing. Visit their website at Self.co.za


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