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“Shackles” Directed By Shooterkhumz

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Capsule, Vaughn Thiel described ShooterKhumz as one of the best producers in the country and when he said that, I was naturally sceptical about his assessment despite in vast experience in the industry because which label head would not speak highly of the talent on the roster. Following the release of the third single from his upcoming debut EP, I Was Overthinking This, I am cutting a large slice of humble pie.

There is a difference between a beatmaker and a producer. It took me a couple of years to understand the difference between the two because, in principle, they do the same thing. Like the final nail in the coffin, the difference between the two became clearer as the warping “Shackles” reverberated in my head. Like a director who envisions who would bring a character to life, Shooterkhumz expertly crafts sonic spaces for an artist to flourish. Listen to “Shackles” below.

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