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Shalate Delivers A Beautifully Crafted Single, “I Still”

SIncereity is an emotion that is challenging to translate into a song. What I mean by this is that sincerity often comes across as nonchalant. However, when sincerity is effectively translated into a song, it is one of the most beautiful things to hear in music.

Shalate’s “I Still” single is part of a fresh wave of R&B artists that deviate from the ‘toxic’ love trope the genre has succumbed to by singing about the mistakes she made in the relationship. For the majority of the song, Shalate delicately serenades the listener with soft, lower-toned vocals but as the song progresses we hear her gradually inch her vocal range higher. The end of the song serves as the crescendo of the song with her flexing her vocal ability that gives the song that ‘intense’ emotional direction that makes “I Still” unique. Listen to “I Still” below.

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