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SiR Talks About How “Nothing Even Matters” In His New Single

SiR just dropped his new single titled ‘Nothing Even Matters’. A heartwarming love song where he dedicates his love to his girl using a soulful groovy beat. SiR really is the epitome of love songs because the lyricism and wordplay in the song are so beautiful. He harmonizes his voice using his angelic voice which sounds as calm as it always is. The music video for ‘Nothing Even Matters’ is scheduled to drop later today on YouTube at 18:00 CAT.

The R&B artist first dropped ‘Satisfaction’ in early May a two-minute song that holds a lot of vulnerability where he talks about a complicated relationship. In an interview with Rated R, the singer explained that the song was about a period in his life where he was going through a rough patch relationship-wise.

‘Satisfaction’ was written in a tough time in my life relationship-wise. It tells a tale of two cities: It tells the SiR side, and it tells the side of me being who I am as a man, a father and a husband. Sometimes I might want my cake and want to eat it too, but it doesn’t always work like that.


He then released a follow-up single titled Life is Good with Scribz in early July where he celebrated life and its joy. The singles are believed to come off his much-anticipated album. To listen to ‘Nothing Even Matters’ click below:


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