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Skate Nation Ghana Ad For Facebook Nominated For An Emmy

As I have mentioned in the Four Skate Crews Carrying Skate Culture in Africa Forward article, Skate Nation Ghana was founded in 2008 by Joshua Ganyobi Odamtten and it is a skate crew that brings together people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to have fun skating. Skate Nation Ghana is also said to be a not-for-profit, community-based organization bringing skateboarding to the youth of Ghana and linking skateboarders around the globe together to share ideas and create an impact by helping others develop active lifestyles through skateboarding.

In mid-2021, Skate Nation Ghana collaborated with Facebook to create a commercial that doubled as a way of acknowledging one of the best crews. Skate Nation Ghana tells the story of Joshua and Sandy, and how they used Facebook’s platforms to build an emerging skateboarding culture in Ghana. Their tight-knit community inspires skaters around the globe. We change the game when we find each other, said Meta.

Now the commercial has gotten an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Commercial. The commercial has also been awarded a bronze award before. There’s nothing as heartwarming as seeing Africans getting the recognition they deserve. Watch the commercial below:

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