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Slade Teases New Music Video “Amasheleni” Single

With the plethora of talent in the Amapiano scene, it is understandable that one might find it difficult to keep up with the genre given the sheer volume of releases. Slade is no stranger to the scene previously releasing a single titled “Wamuhle”, which performed relatively well. He took a leap this year by delivering an EP titled My Turn. The EP features a deep bag of hits, all of which could’ve received the music video treatment but “Amasheleni” has taken that accolade.

Clout Cassette is the production company behind the music video and they took to their social media page to share the trailer for the music video, which you can check out below;

With the nation in full December mode and most companies closing for the holidays, I don’t think he could’ve chosen a better time to deliver these visuals to the public. You can listen to My Turn below;

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