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Smino’s Newest Record “90 Proof” Features J. Cole

American rapper and singer, Smino who had released ’24-8′ at the beginning of September just released new music, a single titled ’90 Proof’ featuring fellow American rapper J. Cole. ’90 Proof’ is the first official single from Smino’s forthcoming third studio album titled Luv 4 Rent. Call me whatever, but when I first heard the song I was convinced that it was a Steve Lacy.

Produced by Groove and Monte Booker, the song has a blues sound to it which is balanced out by Smino’s springy vocals and J. Cole’s raps. If you haven’t to this elastic song that is the first to usher us into a new Smino era, Luv 4 Rent, click on the link below:

I don’t really do the cameras, I be low in Los Angeles
You n***as ain’t never gon’ see me, I might as well be in Canada
You n***as ain’t ever gon’ be me, it’s best to stay in your parameters
You know they gon’ G-O-A-T me, I spell it out for you like Fabolous

– Quoted lyrics
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