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Social Media Becomes More Video-Based.

It is no doubt that social media has been one of the things that are being so perpetually used with over 4.70 billion users all around the world. Social media is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or participate in social networks.

We can all see the direction social media is heading towards and one could say it is becoming more video-based, all these big social media are morphing into one big TikTok. Most apps have included video features within their platforms with Facebook having live streaming, video playlists, and series feature. Instagram has reels, stories, and live streaming; Instagram had recently changed its font making it have a TikTok-like font where you viewed one post at a time and then scrolled down into another single post.

YouTube has created a special section for shorts having an app called shorts for YouTube that looks exactly like TikTok, copy much? You also wouldn’t expect LinkedIn to be involved in social media by becoming more videos based but it has introduced a video option where companies can post video ads and many more. I am not sure if all these apps morphing into one big TikTok is influenced by the successful rise that TikTok has had since 2020 with it being the most used app having over 1 billion active users and 2 billion downloads, or if we are moving into a video-based world were making videos is more fun and creative than taking snaps.

I think TikTok currently has a massive effect on Social media because it is the only app that users did not complain about when they added a feature that originates from another app, users did not complain when they added the stories feature that is originally from Snapchat. TikTok users are also becoming more influential than influencers from Instagram and other apps which shows the chokehold TikTok has on other apps.


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