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South African Brands Imprint & Ezokhetho at Lagos Fashion Week

Imprint by Mzukisi Mbane and Ezokhetho by Mpumelo Dlamini featured at the 5 days event Lagos Fashion Week FW that started on the 26 of October 2022 and ended on the 30. Lagos fashion week happens in Lagos Nigeria, it is an event that brings together buyers, customers, and the media to view the most recent collections from designers. This year it featured four South African brands that are Munkus, Maxhosa and the two I have already mentioned Imprint and Ezokhetho.

Imprints by Mzukisi Mbane collection consisted of afro-futuristic aesthetics. His collection had an expression of his Xhosa identity, his garments specifically for the collection featured his clan’s forms, features, and colours. You can easily tell that his fashion-forward lifestyle pieces are rooted in streetwear and vintage influences. Imprints have and will continue to work with prints as part of its aesthetic. Most of the models had futuristic sunglasses giving the collection a cool look to this traditionally inspired collection. Mzukisi’s collection also featured garments that broke fashion stereotypes with men wearing slim tight, thigh-length body suits. To see the full collection visit www.lagosfashionweek.ng

Ezokhetho by Mpumelelo Dlamini’s collection had a sense of freedom and feminity that can clearly be seen in the vibrant colour scheme that dominates his garments. The collection had an added sparkling flare to earthy tones colours that Mpumelelo managed to extend with playful tones that dominated. The collection is highly influenced by South African 70s fashion and it honour woman and give confidence to the woman that have a voice and those that a voice, letting the collection do the talking for them. To see the full collection visit www.lagosfashionweek.ng


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