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South African Film Director Crisco BL To Direct An Amazon Prime Series, ‘The Valarie’ In 2024

South African creative, Crisco BL born Sabelo Dlamini in 1999 is now about to have his little imaginative thoughts that he created in the small town of Kwa-Zulu Natal taken to the global stage.

The now South African-American film director, composer, and screenwriter has been recognized and given his flowers with the announcement of his film director debut. Crisco’s aspirations of being a writer/director came at a later stage in his life. He states that his films are more Sci Fi/ Fantasy & Drama focused with a Neo-noir style.

The 23 year old South African film director, Crisco BL is to debut his direction skills with an Amazon Prime series ‘The Valarie’ which will start filming in 2024. The film focuses on a group of women combatants with elemental powers called the Zelda that hunt & kill demons.

Theo Manjo
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