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Steveisfrench’s “November” EP Is The Perfect Way To End The Month

I have said this many a time before and I will say it again, Steveisfrench is one of the most talented and prominent producers of his sound. I am hesitant to ever box him into a genre because of his seemingly endless locker of vibrations that range from Alternative Hip-Hop and R&B to Dance.

His latest offering comes to us courtesy of a 4 track EP titled NOVEMBER. The EP follows the precedent Steveisfrench has set on his previous EPs in that they have a seamless listen where one track flows into the next and by the end of the EP you find yourself wondering ‘when did we get to the last song’. That is an experience I have had with every Steveisfrench release. There is not much way I can provide via musical analysis of NOVEMBER because sometimes you just say less and enjoy the music more. Don’t believe me? See for yourself below;

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