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Stormzy Makes A Return With “Mel Made Me Do It” & Pays Homage to Black-British Culture

Stormzy – A British rapper, singer and songwriter is one of the longest reigning UK artists from when he rose to stardom back in 2014. His last release was back in 2020, well until now as he has just made an iconic return with a song titled ‘Mel Made Me Do It.’ The song is an undeniable bop and like he said, “Man, I’ve got figures and flows, I’m a different kind of F.”

The visuals are the cherry on top, solely because he used them to pay homage through cameos to some of the biggest names in the UK described as the pioneers of Black-British culture. Some of the pioneers include; Usain Bolt, Jose Mourihno, Zeze Millz, Little Simz, Dave and Trevor Nelson just to name a few.

To say the masses are impressed with this 10-minute-long music video would be an understatement, people particularly black-British fans are appreciative of the documentation and spotlighting of black artists, creatives, entertainers and sportsmen. Listen to ‘Mel Made Me Do It’ and watch the visuals below:

Given how much time it’s been since his last solo drop, the pressure really was on and this no-hook blockbuster marathon really is one heck of a way to return to the limelight. Welcome back, Stormz.

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