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Sun-El Musician & Msaki drop long anticipated ‘Amandla’ single

South Africa producer and DJ Sun-El Musician and song catcher and vocalist Msaki are real-life and musical “best friends”, having created a history of memorable collaborations such as ‘Ubomi Abumanga’, ‘Kuja Utanipata’, and Best Friend. 

The formidable force has reunited once again with their new single ‘Amandla’, which showcases Msaki’s poignant, ever-relevant and poetic lyrics and unmistakable voice, paired with the unique, melodic and heart opening Afro-house signature of Sun-El Musician. 

Amandla means power in  Xhosa and Zulu. This song however is said to be about feeling disempowered in a situation and asking for release. The song is also about a moment of surrender, an underlying forgiveness, and understanding in the middle of that powerlessness. The real power is in the surrender that truth always prevails even when it’s delayed. This surrender and faith in the redemptive power of truth is where one can sometimes find solace and strength.

I wanted to support my best friend through a hard time she was going through, and I know how important music is for her for expressing where she is at. It was beautiful to be a part of creating a musical foundation for her to deliver her message. 

– Sun-El Musician

The creative choices for this campaign both in artwork and visual assets, emerged from an exploration of visual AI and its potential both for imagination, fantasy and role-play, contrasted with its darker and less explored ability to dehumanize through its distortion of truth. The question being suggested though the visual choices, is… Are we human? 

The line ‘uzundithethele xa imeko ivuma’ translates to mean ‘Speak the truth on my behalf when the circumstances allow you.’ The power also returns to the narrative when love that is not backed up by action is questioned sternly. ‘Uthando Zizenzo, alohlulwa yimeko yakho’ – Love is action and is not at the mercy of your circumstance.

– Msaki

Listen to ‘Amandla’ below:

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