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“Tangerine Dreams Vol. 2” By Taykatrip Has No Skips

Just when I thought that I had heard all of the dope R&B offerings in the country, someone comes along to remind that I don’t know it all. I recently came across an artist named TAYKATRIP and his latest offering, “Tangerine Dreams Vol. 2”.

Despite being relatively new to me, one can immediately tell that TAYKATRIP is by no means a newcomer to music. From track 1, you are immediately thrust into his ultra-smooth brand of R&B. Often times when listening to an artist, you have to take the time to understand them and their sound but that isn’t the case with TAYKATRIP.

Tangerine Dreams Vol. 2 is perhaps one of the easiest pieces of music that you will come across. A big part of that comes down to the production, which is honestly immaculate. The icing on the cake is TAYKATRIP’s understanding of how to accompany the production through a variety of different flows.

With all of that being said, “Tangerine Dreams Vol. 2” has no skips.

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