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Tems Diagnosed With Vocal Disorder

Tems took to social media this morning to announce that she has unfortunately been diagnosed with reflux laryngitis and as a result of that, she will have to cancel her two performances in the UK. The Freemind hitmaker has not disclosed the extent of laryngitis or how long she will go without performing. Read the full press release below.

Reflux Laryngitis is a vocal disorder that results in swelling of the vocal cords. The swelling of the vocal cords is caused by stomach fluids backflow. People diagnosed with the vocal disorder experience soreness in the throat, the sensation of having a lump in the throat and a hoarse voice. These symptoms make it impossible for an artist to perform and any more strain on the vocal cords will only exacerbate the pain caused by the disorder. Full recovery from the disorder can take anywhere between 2 – 6 months and without knowing the extent of the disorder, we can only hope that Tems will recover sooner rather than later.

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