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Thato Saul Drops “Okay” Single

Thato Saul is gearing up to have a major 2022 with the momentum he is building up. Today he released a single titled “Okay” with frequent collaborator Maglera Doe Boy. The single sees him continue the precedent he has built on prior singles of “R.I.P. Fat Cat” and “Never Ride”.

The single carries a freestyle approach with Maglera Doe Boy and Thato Saul trading verses back and forth throughout the song. From a production perspective, the song has a looping flute throughout which is prominent in a lot of trap music. The nature of the production is chaotic with various beat switches and it makes for an unpredictable listen. It bodes well for the song because it makes you listen very attentively. The combination of Thato Saul and Maglera Doe Boy is looking to be one we may hear more of soon. Listen to “Okay” below.

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