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The Big Hash Featured On Fifa 23 Soundtrack

Although this might be a bit presumptuous, every young person grows up playing FIFA. It is arguably the introductory game for everyone and I have vivid memories of creating my player on FIFA – good times. The music on the game was just as iconic as the game because it was filled with songs from artists that you may not have heard of, but one thing was always for certain, those songs banged.

With that being said, you can understand why The Big Hash being featured on the official FIFA 23 soundtrack is a monumental achievement. The Pretoria native bagged a spot on a song titled “High Level” with record producer James BKS. The song sees The Big Hash flex his lyrical ability atop high-tempo Afrobeat production that is seamlessly infused with the electric guitar and sinister keys. I remember a time when we had to scour the internet to find a ‘FIFA song’ and maybe that’s just me exposing my age, but those days are long gone. You can listen to the official FIFA soundtrack on Spotify below.

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