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The Next Gen of Afropop

South Africa has had a rich history with Afropop and Afrosoul with artists like Mafikizolo and Lira eliciting feelings of nostalgia whenever their tunes come on. I truly detest describing a genre as ‘dead’ but there has been a visible absence in the presence of the genre in recent years, particularly amongst the younger demographic.

As with anything in life, trends and peaks are cyclical and it seems that Afropop and Afrosoul are making a resurgence in the local music scene. Some of the new leaders of the sound follow the prototypical mould like Nomfundo Moh, while artists like Blaq Diamond offer up a different aesthetic and commercial approach to the sound.

While their (Nomfundo Moh & Blaq Diamond) sounds speak to a younger generation who clearly have an appetite for the genre, they aren’t trying to imitate the artists yesteryear or tell tales of old. Rather, they offer up their own interpretations of the storytelling pillars of Afropop.

The future of Afropop was never really in danger but without a shadow of doubt, it’s in safe hands. I only hope that with the growth and success of such artists, we will see spaces where more experimental artists like Halo Yagami can breakthrough. Listen to Nomfundo Moh’s Amagama album to tune into the future of Afropop.

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