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The Stonebwoy Interview


Whenever I think about my life and how far I could go, professionally & creatively, I most of the times struggle to truly visualise my potential or at least believe if what I’m envisioning is true because damn it all looks good… Personal transcendence is a real thing for me, and I believe these self-developed prophetic insights add a sense of purpose into my life… But enough about me because there’s another proudly African-born individual that’s operating on a higher & global plane of himself and artistic existence that we had the pleasure of interviewing.

This one individual is a crazily beloved Ghanaian spear (I believe) that continues to transcend and influence all parts of the world through his beliefs in God, himself and of course, the art we experience through his music… This one individual is none other than global superstar Stonebwoy, who is fresh off releasing his supreme fifth album called 5th Dimension.

In this Q&A interview, we threw some questions at Stonebwoy that touched on a variety of subjects such as his latest album, songs off the album that carry a deeper meaning for him, spirituality being infused in his music & more…

Thank you Stonebwoy.

You’re new album (5th Dimension) really does reveal your unwillingness to slow down, when you think about how far you’ve come and grown what kind of feelings do you get?

I get a feeling of gratefulness and a realization that I am actually on a mission and can’t stop until I feel in my soul that I have accomplished… Which will also be evident in the impact and legacy that I’d have chalked.

5th Dimension truly is an impressive project that delivers with the different levels of vibrations. When the idea of the album first came into mind, how did you picture it all coming together and how has the process of giving birth to it added on to your growth as a global artist?

Really before this final list of amazing body of songs… I was going through a heightened mental surge, whereby I could feel that I’m pushing my creativity in the sense that I was only allowing my inspiration pot to draw from fresh breeze of sounds more typical than the regular and that’s the exact outcome we have on this album… While at it I have really felt maturity, a place where I’m so glad to have pushed to settle at yet still maintaining my originality an Afro Dancehall, Reggae fusionist.

Courtesy of Stonebwoy/Burniton Music Group®️

Hmm, you’ve always been quite experimental with the sounds you explore and create, how different is the Stonebwoy the world is currently experiencing compared to the Anloga Junction or even Necessary Evil version of Stonebwoy?

Of course the different remains in my quest to merge sounds of black origin which is my source of inspirations- and still maintain my sound while still breezing freshness over it… Another difference is the continuous mastery of simple yet very catchy melody placements and lyricism that I always strive to input. In fact these pointer ensures my distinctive nature.

I was going through a heightened mental surge, whereby I could feel that I’m pushing my creativity…

– Stonebwoy

It’s been said that “The fifth Dimension goes beyond the physical”, could you break that down in a few words because the involvement of spirituality in music tends to be quite a complex inclusion especially when you consider the entertaining element of your music.

Music itself is a spiritual substance but many people hardly see it as such – maybe because we mostly see it only from the entertainment point of view, music heals, music speaks, music teaches – without music there wouldn’t be any sound track to life… This is how simple I can describe music going beyond the physical in the sense that music is made up of words, sounds and power – the combination which commanded creation..

Holistically the album’s experience is one that demands no skips, each record presents its own vibe but we’re curious to find out which song or songs off the album carry a deeper meaning for you than we realise…

‘Manodzi’ (Ft. Angelique Kidjo)

‘Where Is The Love’


‘Life & Money’ (Ft. Stormzy)

‘Far Away’

Where & how do you maintain being constantly inspired to create?

Any serene and quite mature place…

Before the album dropped, we watched your interview on The Breakfast Club and it was quite an insightful conversation to listen to, did you ever think your voice would reach all parts of the world? How does it feel to be Stonebwoy right now?

I’ve always been grateful and conscious of God’s works that must be fulfilled through me as a gifted messenger through music…

Courtesy of Stonebwoy/Burniton Music Group®️

Music itself is a spiritual substance but many people hardly see it as such…

– Stonebwoy

If you met your younger self that’s just starting to get into the music industry, what words of encouragement would you give to that kid?

 Prayers, determination and hard work…

What kind of experiences are you hoping your fans are currently getting from 5th Dimension?

Nothing short of taking them on to the 5th Dimension.

Finally, the love you’ve been getting for 5th Dimension is amazing to see… With the year continuing to progress, what else can we look forward to from Stonebwoy throughout 2023?

Grateful – I want masses to look out for the world tour/appearances/videos/ etc.

Listen to 5th Dimension below:


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