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The Woodź Shares “I’m Up” Debut Music Video

Over a week ago, The Woodź dropped off some new visuals for his ‘I’m Up’ record that stems from his 2022 Enigma EP that we honestly thing was underrated in our view but that’s just us…

The 4min-long music video was directed by Lenzo Dlamini and simply finds The Woodź performing the laid-back song outdoors within a beautiful natural open veld heavily dripped out in Nao Serati and vibing it out with some scenes finding him wrapped in a different Nao Serati blue outfit backed up by sky backdrop which contrasts well aesthetically…

Now that we think about it, when The Woodź dropped the EP last year, the singer/songwriter expressed how the project had been a journey of “self-discovery and introspection” and although there’s more context to that, just experiencing these refreshing visuals reminded us of that statement and we encourage music lovers to indulge in this offering.

We’re fans…

Watch the video below:

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