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Thebe Magugu Repurposes Clothes from Dunusa In New Documentary

Thebe Magugu has released a documentary called “Discard Theory” which is also the name for his upcoming Spring/Summer 23 collection that drops on the 7th of October 2022. The documentary showcase the process and inspiration behind his next collection. Thebe Magugu explains that the idea came from Thorstein Veblen’s 1899 essay ‘The Theory of the Leisure Class’, that wealth needs to be externally evident through fashion and the latest technology, and waste is the critical part of his theory. Thebe Magugu’s idea was to challenge ‘The Theory of the Leisure Class’ by taking clothes that are deemed unworthy by Europe and America and repurposing them.

In the documentary we see Thebe Magugu travelling in the early hours to Johannesburg CBD’s Dunusa which is famous for thrifting any kind of clothing at a very affordable price. He shows us the experience he had in the city from him rummaging through the bins of clothing, to him eating the food there. He allowed himself to get the full experience, blending in and being one with the people around him.

These clothes have come down from Europe and America; merging them with own my own sort of cues and almost pushing it back up into a luxury space

Thebe Magugu

His collection’s inspiration comes from the effects Dunusa has had on South Africa’s sense of dressing. He bought a couple of clothes from Dunusa and took them back to his studio. He laid them down on the floor then dressed them in mannequins repurposing them into luxury items, tackling the concept of garment waste. Thebe Magugu’s collection will feature a denim and premium fabric bohemian style dress; An off-shoulder denim jumpsuit; a cherry red fit and flare dress called fish and chips and more. The ‘Discard Theory’ full collection will be released on 7 October. To watch the documentary click below:


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