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Here’s How AKA & Nasty C’s ‘Lemons (Lemonade)’ Happened

As the days towards AKA’s new highly anticipated Mass Country album decrease, many of us are still jamming hard to his latest ‘Lemons (Lemonade)’ smash hit single with Nasty C. Now during a recent interview with the YouTube channel ‘The Episode’, AKA breaks down how that song came together…

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In the interview, AKA also reveals how the song was a year-old prior to its release and then goes on to mention how Nasty C wasn’t too keen on it when AKA reached out about it at first… He then goes on to explain how, for him, it was about getting Nasty C into a sonic space that he doesn’t really exist in that much and asking him to do something that he really doesn’t do often…

By the way, you know Lemons (Lemonade) is like a year old… I’ve been making that song for a year. A lot of songs like sit for a year, some songs sit for two years like ‘Caiphus Song’ set for like two years before I finished it…


You can watch the clip below:

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