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Tim Lyre “WORRY <" Hits 2 Million Worldwide Streams

The wave of Alte African artists sweeping the continent is amazing right now and Tim Lyre’s debut album hitting 2 million streams is a feat that is a testament to the growth of the sound and the general level of acceptance for different sounds from African artists.

Tim Lyre took to his socials today to celebrate the achievement of Worry< hitting 2 million worldwide streams. On his Instagram, he opened up about the making of the album saying “a project three years in the making and the first release on Outer South just hit 2 million streams worldwide. Thank you to each and every one of you streaming, sharing and supporting in all the ways you have. We’re all just trying to worry less 😮‍💨”

In a time where the artistry of music has been diluted by the on-demand consumer culture of the modern world. Artists like Tim Lyre are perhaps a testament to what the future of music consumption could look like. There is a generation of music lovers that are actively searching for their own experience. This is the world where artists like Tim Lyre will get to take the lead.

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