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Toss & Felo Le Tee Finally Release Their Hit Song ‘Ncebeleka’

Toss has finally released his hit song ‘Ncebeleka’ which features one of the biggest Amapiano DJs Felo Le Tee. He had released a dance challenge video a few weeks back where he was dancing with a bunch of people in the streets of Braam. Toss and Felo Le Tee continue to prove that they are a dynamic duo and that they can release more bangers like the first one that did at the beginning of the year titled ‘Manca’.

When it comes to dancing challenges Toss never fails, since it was first revealed some weeks ago, “Ncebeleka” has been the subject of numerous dance challenges on TikTok and other social media platforms, garnering nearly a million views. Toss never disappoints in ‘Ncebeleka’ he continues to deliver vocals for the song, where his vocals captivate listeners and get them to groove. To listen to ‘Ncebeleka’ click below:


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