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TRASHMANGRN x Billie Eilish x Nike To Release Upcycled Capsule

Trends are often associated with negative connotations and most times, deservedly so. However, the trend of sustainable fashion is one trend that I think we can all agree is one we are happy to see. The fashion industry has seen numerous brands make genuine attempts to provide more sustainable fashion practices and one such brand is TRASHMANGRN. The brand is known for upcycling and refurbishing clothes and they have partnered up with Nike and Billie Eilish to release an upcycled capsule which will include hoodies, sweatpants, jackets, crewnecks and windbreakers.

The garments will be upcycled through hand-dye treatments and patchwork. The line will include Billie Eilish’s signature oversized styling. There has not been any word on when the collection will be released so you’ll have to keep your eye on our platform to know when the full collection drops.

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