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Tshego’s “Paranoid” Single Drops October 21st

One of the best attributes that Tshego has is his ability to effortlessly blend R&B and Pop into a highly palatable offering that has cross-genre appeal. In layman’s terms, everyone thinks his music slaps. Earlier in the year, he delivered an Afro-Pop wedding song titled “Tshwana Le Wena”, which wasn’t necessarily for my taste but I wasn’t mad at it at all. However, I am extremely excited about his upcoming single “Paranoid”. The style of the song is reminiscent of a brand of music we have become more accustomed to from the pink panther and for selfish reasons, I am ecstatic. I am hoping that we get an EP, or an album, from Tshego this year because his last effort came via his 2021 3 Piece EP.

He started teasing the single around late September with a devious caption “Got the master back!”. Check out the snippet below and give your thoughts on the song.

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