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Tyler The Creator Collaborates with Robb Robert – My Dearest Collection

photography credit: Luis. “Panch

I remember being 11, and I had a toy version of a 550 Maranello Ferrari, and I was so obsessed. And then I turned 15, and I was like, ‘Man, that Golf GTI Volkswagen looks so cool.

– Tyler the Creator

Robb Report is the leading voice in the global luxury market. They describe themselves as a leading voice of cultivated audiences around the world that have shared appreciation and desire for quality, exclusivity, heritage, taste, and fine design and it’s no different for Tyler the Creator. Robb Report is synonymous with affluence, luxury, and the best of the best hence they collaborated with Tyler, The Creator for ‘my dearest collection’, where he gets to showcase his collection of luxurious items.

Robb Report describes Tyler as a multi-hyphenate force of nature, just as he is a multi-hyphenate connoisseur. They further described him as a two-time Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, director, designer and composer who has a singular aesthetic that encompasses everything he touches. His collection showcase has items that ranged from; watches, cars, jewellery, music, books, trunks and bicycles, some of the items have never been seen before.

As much as I love music, I’m not a super snob—yet!—about hi-fi and McIntosh and stuff. But I do have some really nice speakers set up in my room, not too much low end, not too crazy. I listen to most of my music in the car, but sometimes, if an album’s coming out, I’ll invite friends over and we’ll listen to it in the front room, front to back. We don’t speak, we’re not on our phones. And that’s fun.

– Tyler the Creator

Being the second-most-read article on the Robb Robert website, it comes as no surprise that people (including myself) wanted a sneak peek of Tyler’s intriguing and aesthetically pleasing taste and style. Browse through more of his collection below.

I love biking. It’s freeing. It’s meditation. It’s a massage. It’s peace. . .Sometimes we’ll do 50 miles on the BMX.

– Tyler the Creator
photography credit: Luis. “Panch
photography credit: Luis. “Panch
photography credit: Luis. “Panch

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