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Ukweli & Xenia Manasseh Make Heartbreak Sound Sweet On “Maybe” EP

There is a tendency in African music to deliver ‘more of the same’ and that results in a lack of creativity in the musical output. However, there is a crop of emerging artists from around the continent that are pushing the boundaries of what Afro-R&B can be and the Kenyan duo of Ukweli and Xenia Messiah are clear in their execution.

The hues of the cover art filter into the sound of Maybe, something that is somewhat of a lost art in the age of streaming. The gentle bass lines and strings throughout Maybe aid Xenia Manasseh’s gentle vocal tones and offer her the space to intertwine effortless melodies that are pleasant to the ear. The whole offering sounds like a fluid piece without falling into the trap of sounding like one song. With all of the sonic bliss that we experience throughout the EP, the golden thread of pains that comes with love lost can be felt through every song. Granted I haven’t had the time to fully digest the storyline within Maybe but as far as first listens go – this is it. Listen to Maybe below.

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