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Una Rams Opens Up His Music Vault

Unarine Rambani famously known as Una rams has opened a vault to his song on SoundCloud called ‘You’. Una rams admires his girl in this beautifully written love song. There thing I love about his music is that it is music that has never been heard before his sound is very authentic, the song is just as authentic as Una Rams always is. ‘You’ has an alternative pop kind of beat, it is a deeply focused love song where Una Rams celebrates and appreciates his woman.

The song is only available on Soundcloud, and I hope Una Rams gets to open more vaults on Soundcloud. His project last dropped in 2021, he recently featured in Jay Jody’s mixtape Sunset Stories: A Mixtape on a song titled ‘Sundress’ and he also had an event called u&me in Braamfontein. To listen to Una Rams ‘You’ press below:



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