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Una Rams Opens Up The Vault (Again) To Share New “note to self” Song

Una Rams has just shared a new song from the vault called ‘note to self’ (produced by Vuma) that he shared after opening up about how he has been in a bit of a sticky situation these last couple of weeks… A situation that truly tested his character & his faith but through it all, he kept on saying “things are about to change for my good”

The artwork for this week’s release is a young man reaching out to himself through a mirror. it’s AI generated so it’s not perfect, but it beautifully captures the idea of ‘being there for yourself’

– Una Rams

Prior to this drop, the superstar dropped a song called ‘You’ which was also taken from the same vault. This new release is a record he worked on all the way back in 2017 and even though he expresses how he can’t exactly remember what was going on when he created it, he does know he was in a bit of a slump at that moment.

Even faced with lots of disappointment, I’ve always reminded myself that I would be there for me. I’m growing to learn to walk this journey with the ones closest to me and accept help. I will always have me, but life’s sweeter when there’s a community around you.

– Una Rams

Listen below:

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