Una Rams x Mikhalé Jones Join Forces For Upcoming ‘SOS’ Song

Una Rams has called on his co-creator, Mikhalé Jones on ‘SOS’ on the cusp of the release of his cuddle pack…

‘SOS’ or ‘Sex On Sunday is said to be a captivating and soulful R&B masterpiece that surpasses conventional musical boundaries. The collaboration between the exceptionally gifted Una Rams and the South African R&B sensation Mikhalé Jones is further expressed to produce a mesmerising auditory journey as Mikhalé’s velvety vocals effortlessly intertwine with Una Rams’ distinctive style, allowing the song to delve into themes of passion and profound connection…

The aim for SOS is to deliver an irresistible blend of sensuality and emotion so that this offering lingers for longer in the listener’s psyche to ensure love is heightened and experienced in high definition.

– Una Rams

Against a backdrop of smooth melodies and captivating rhythms, “SOS” was created to present an irresistible fusion of sensuality and heartfelt emotion with an intention to leave a lasting impression, resonating long after the music fades away.

SOS (Sex On Sunday) will is available to stream on all major platforms today.


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