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Following the success of his collab with Mthandazo Gatya on the song ‘Senzeni’, DJ Manzo SA has since built rapport with his audience regarding the quality of music that he produces. Senzeni has over 5.5M combined views on YouTube, an indication of the reception of the Maskandi inspired Afro-Pop hit.

DJ Manzo SA now comes out with a 9-track EP which he titled ‘Legacy’, a Dance project which features a diverse blend of Amapiano and House tracks which bring forth many different elements of other genres and musical styles. The EP has tracks that would be categorized under either House music or Amapiano but the undertones of the song are classical or either have a very strong electronic dance music element.  Show starts off as a house track and later morphs into an amapiano track.

To start the roll out for the new project, DJ Manzo Sa releases uThando, to send the streets on fire this winter. Uthando is a an Amapiano track with Afro House under currents. The track features Zinia who has a sweet soprano which almost resembles that of ‘Superman’ singer Bucie. The track is mid-tempo with very nice bass notes and percussive sounds particularly those of the Marimba.

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