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Vans x Courage Adams Collection

Courage Adams is a Nigerian born, Spain raised professional BMX rider. He moved from Nigeria to Spain at the age of 12, and that’s where he found his passion for BMX. His love affair with the sport began at a skatepark in Pamplona. He was so encapsulated by the thrill that came with riding that he sold all of his video games to buy a second-hand BMX bike. Little did he know that would be one of the young trailblazer’s best decisions. In just 4 years, the young Courage Adams went pro bagging a second-place finish at his first BMX competition at the O Marisquiño contest. Since then, he has competed at FISE Montpellier, the Backyard Jam and more recently, the Simple Session contest.

Vans is a brand that is synonymous with skate culture and general extreme or offbeat sports, so it makes perfect sense that the brand collaborated with Courage Adams to create a bespoke pair of Vans Old Skools. The Courage Adams Vans were made with the BMX rider in mind with features Vans’ POPCUSH™ and DURACAP™ technology to provide unparalleled comfort without sacrificing on the pedalfeel.

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