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Venom & Shishiliza Release A Spiritual Single Titled “Vuka”

Venom and Shishiliza are gearing up to release their upcoming album titled LOVE IS PAIN and the pair already have a Gold Certified single under their belt in “Sondela”. This time the duo called on Aubrey Qwana to handle hook duties on the smooth Afro Pop song titled “Vuka” with guest appearances from the bubbling rap duo Major Steez, which are accompanied by harmonic vocals from Howard and Paula Sibiya. Collaboration and curation are at the heart of Venom & Shishiliza’s musical output on the front end, however, the same can be said for the back end of the music with super producers Herc Cut The Lights, Christer and LoudHaileer all playing a role in bringing “Vuka” to life. Listen to Venom & Shishiliza’s “Vuka” below.

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  1. […] Their debut album LOVE IS PAIN (2022), available to stream on Apple Music in Spatial Audio now, is further said to be a tribute to the late great, Riky Rick, while also shining a light on the next wave of SA talent. Born out of a songwriting camp that helped them pinpoint their sound and identify the producers who understood their vision, this album is a collection of 13 tender love songs, spearheaded by mammoth single ‘Sondela’ and newly released track ‘Vuka’.  […]

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