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Vogue Nights | Creating Safe Spaces For Queer Identities

In celebration of pride month, I would like a shed light on one of my favourite nightlife spaces, Vogue Nights. Founded by many-sided creative, Lelowhatsgood, who dabbles in between; cultural creating, writing, DJ’ing and content creating, this event was created for queers to be within a nightlife space that is not only fun and keep their dancing shoes on but one that is safe haven as well.

“I feel like I represent a much-needed voice for people who don’t necessarily want to speak up..”


Vogue Nights has continuously vowed to embrace the change of how the nightlife is curated not only in joburg or within our borders, but in our African nightlife communities. Tshedza Mashamba argues that Vogue Nights is committed to gifting people the best experience while remaining safe and aware. She also believes that it is also a universe of liberation, especially for young queers. “This is a space for them to taste and experience a different kind of freedom and safety. Lelo hopes this space brings young queers joy and makes them feel welcome.”

photography credit: lesis.online
photography credit: lesis.online
photography credit: lesis.online

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