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Wanda Lephoto® Releases T-shirts Titled “The blooming of New Flowers”

Shot by Kent Andreasen

‘The blooming of New Flowers’ is the designated name for the newly put-out shirts. The campaign features Andile Dlamini known as Originalkaapstaadpantsula and Sindiso Tshuma popularly known as insertcoinz, the fashion and culture forward presidents of Capetown. The floral T-shirts capture the essence of black boy magic, staple pieces reimagined but statement pieces on subtle days.

The black and white T-shirts feature hints of pink lilies that surround the exterior of the T-shirts, the lilies are a metaphor for Rebirth and Hope hence the other pictures that are put out together with the models wearing the pictures also capture the nostalgia of what hope and rebirth would feel like.

Wanda’s introduction of niche subcultures in SA also plays a huge role in his clothing and designs, the T-shirts are also an additional conversation to the suit that  Ponahalo modelled on his “Gaze” collection earlier this year. If anything Wanda Lephoto has always been known for exploring the idea of luxury clothing by fusing African Cultures, traditions, identities, and methods with global nuances and these new shirts showcase exactly that.


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