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Watch: Ayra Starr Delivers Visuals For New Single “Rush”

Ayra Starr is one of the hottest prospects coming out of the west African nation of Nigeria, drawing comparisons to other worldwide juggernauts like Rihanna. The Mavin Records signee has all of the ability to become a worldwide star and her latest music video oozes star power.

The song has been well received since its release and puts to bed any worries of the infamous 2nd album slump that has plagued artists, irrespective of their region or genre. The whole concept behind the single “Rush” is centred around one taking the time to focus on their craft. In a world of superficial social media pressures, its become a rather unpopular opinion amongst people of our generation. On the surface level, it may seem as though the music video is purely about aesthetics, and if you are of that opinion, then you are surely incorrect in your assessment.

The music video is a journey from Ayra Starr’s ‘humble’ beginnings as a household girl who has ambitions of pursuing greater things. The music video then transitions to Ayra Starr in the streets of her hometown, being adored and embraced by people in her community. The culmination of these events finally leads to scenes of her dressed in a black number, oozing that star power I was alluding to earlier in the article. Watch the music video below.

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