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Watch: Besa Pharaoh Delivers A Cinematic Experience On “35 Degrees” Music Video

Besa Pharaoh’s In Tomb mixtape will forever hold a special place in my heart because I discovered his music around the same time I started my first full-time writing gig. Hearing the inspirational tales of Besa Pharaoh’s pursuit of success on the appropriately titled “Take Me Seriously” still stick out in my head and, of course, the chest-beating chant on “Woah” all hold precious memories for me. If you aren’t familiar with Besa Pharaoh’s work, do yourself a favour.

“35 Degrees” is the introductory song to side B of the mixtape and sees Besa Pharaoh switch into an introspective sound. Of all of the songs on the mixtape, I would not have guessed that Besa Pharaoh would reach to “35 Degrees” to deliver the visual package, however, I can agree with his decision to bring this song to life as it carries the most sentimental value and offered an opportunity for the true essence of his music to shine through. The music video follows the journey of a struggling single mom who does what she must in order to make ends meet and provide for her child. The production of the visual is stunning and carries a clear narrative. I could go on to break down different scenes of the music video but I think you should take the time to dissect the music video and maybe you can let me know which scenes stand out to you in the comments section? Watch the “35 Degrees” Music video below.

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