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Watch: Black Sherif’s “45” Visuals

photography credit: Walter Obadan

Black Sherif released his debut album The Villian I Never Was, on the 06th of October 2022 and it is safe to say this body of work is beautifully composed and presented. The album is 41 minutes long and has a total of 14 songs and ’45’ is the third song. Black Sherif has now released the third visuals for the album following; ‘Second Sermon Remix’ featuring Burna Boy and ‘Kwaku the Traveller.’ Directed by TG Omori, the visuals are a cinematic experience. We get to see Black Sherif doing ‘wrong things’ as a means of survival which led him to be taken away.

“The word ‘45’ is actually not in the song. I drew that 45 from ‘fortified’ because that’s the first line in the song. I’m talking about people that have positive [intentions] for me. People are saying ‘Easy Sherif; easy’. I understand them, but it’s up to me to decide. I’m like, ‘No, broski; no easy. I go hard only’. I’m about survival. My people got to eat; we got to feed the streets. Things have to happen. There’s a revolution going on.’ Beat my back and let me go. ‘Tap tap beat, tap’ means ‘Sherif keeps going’. And still realise, this is divine. So me not going easy will not be in vain. Having that faith.” extracted from Apple Music.

Watch the official music video ’45’ below.

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