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Watch: Blxckie Delivers Playful Visuals For “sneaky”

Blxckie’s run seemingly has no end with the artist having a stellar year. Following the successful release of his “4LUV (Deluxe)” EP, we were all waiting in anticipation for the visuals for the A-Reece assisted “sneaky”.

As promised, we received the music video on Friday, the 19th of August and despite the magnitude of Blxckie’s wave, his music video amassing over 100K views (at the time of writing) was not something one would have predicted. The music video opens with a playful tone as we are greeted by a friendly alien figure at the entrance of the music video.

Keeping in theme with the precedent being set, the music video sees A-Reece and Blxckie perform the song in the house with various jump cuts and lighting scenarios, with two sporting caps with extended visors.

Ultimately, the visuals aren’t meant to be a conceptual piece because neither is the song. The purpose of a music video is to compliment the song and bring its vibe to life, and on those accounts, the music video fulfilled its purpose. Watch the music video below.

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