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Watch: Burna Boy’s “Common Person” Visuals

Burna Boy drops the music video for ‘Common Person’ coming off his sixth album Love Dlamini. The spark is still burning even though the Love, Damini album was released more than six months ago. In the music video, the megastar is seen being an average person in an effort to tell the story from the viewpoints of common Nigerians. Burna Boy ‘common Person’, whose astounding musical diversity illuminates various civilizations and significant events in his life, communicates to everyone, regardless of their position in life, in nostalgically nostalgic pictures. Burna Boy’s humorous and lighthearted portrayal of the common person will make people smile with a powerful message.

Since its release, “Common Person” has won over many admirers, especially among Nigerians, as a result of the way it portrays the challenges of a “ordinary individual” and the common person. The video presents Burna Boy as someone who didn’t forget his beginnings by placing him against the realistic and nostalgic backdrop of the typical Nigerians’ daily lives. It also serves as an unsettling backdrop for Burna Boy’s voice as he reminds us that no matter what life throws at us, we should never forget the contributions we make. To watch ‘Common Person’ click below:


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