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Watch: Gyakie’s “Waka Waka” Live Performance @ Pandora

Gyakie is a Ghanaian R&B and afro-fusion singer who is described by wonderland as no ordinary artist. She released her first single titled “Love is Pretty” in 2019 which was followed through by another single, “Never Like This.” She later released a five-tracked EP, titled Seed in August 2020, The second song from the Seed EP ‘Forever’ had great airplay in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. It topped music charts such as Billboard’s Top Triller Global and Shazam Top 200 charts.

She was featured on the latest episode of Pandora Africa’s Next show where she got to talk about the making of her first-ever song ‘Love is Pretty’, her growth and her overall career. Africa’s Next will tell the story of the evolution of Afro-pop music in real-time through artist interviews focusing on the musical styles emanating from the African continent, its impact on the larger pop culture landscape and the cultural experiences and connections within the global African diaspora. She also got to exclusively perform her last single ‘Waka Waka’ off her latest EP My Diary.

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