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Watch: K.O “Moshito” Visuals

K.O has officially released the music video for “Moshito” coming off his SR3 album that dropped in mid-September. The song has that old South African HipHop vibe one will remind of HipHop legends HHP and Pro, with clean visuals that have a bright aesthetic. The music starts off with KO sitting at a little restaurant with two girls before he gets up and the song comes in.

The song talks about how he is the best so it would be best to showcase K.O. living his best life matching the song perfectly. K.O. continuously proves that he remains the best with his sound evolving throughout the years and also having a record-breaking song ‘SETE’ that has become the first song to stay in the SA Monitor for 12 consecutive weeks. To watch ‘Moshito’ click below:


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