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Watch: Lil Yachty “Poland” Visuals

Lil Yachty has finally released visuals for the viral hit song ‘Poland’. The song was recorded last year and got leaked on the 31 st of August which Lil Yachty was not too fond about. The music video is 1:23 long and despite it being so short Lil Yachty managed to make the visuals playful, fun and evocate. In the music video, we see him making his way through New York’s Soho district then we also see him at a train station.

‘Poland’ is mysterious, intoxicating, and, most importantly, straightforward. In the lyrics, Lil Yachty discusses battling all his demons which he doesn’t get much into detail about, which leaves room for multiple interruptions. He also mentions Wock in his lyrics which is a reference to Wockhardt, a popular brand of cough syrup used in the drug lean. ‘Poland’ was initially released on Soundcloud a few weeks back but it is now available on other platforms. To watch ‘Poland’ click below:


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