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Watch: Oxlade’s “KU LO SA” Visuals

Many of us had no clue who Oxlade was a few months ago, but if you don’t know who he is right now you must be living under a rock. His chart-topping song ‘Ku Lo Sa’ became a global anthem after appearing and performing on Colors Studio four months ago.

Oxlade has now released the official music video for one of the biggest Nigerian hits currently, ‘KU LO SA’ has been breaking records and topping charts since its release. After months of people from different parts of the world reenacting his colors performance on different digital platforms, Oxlade has finally released his long-anticipated official music video.

The music video is more conceptual than the colors performance but we get to see him perform the same moves as his performance. We also see him get close with a lady friend making the music seem a little bit more intimate and fun as we see them dance around each other in different settings. Watch the official music video;

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